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Bing Ads is a great addition for Google advertising in Search Engine Marketing. You get to advertise on the Bing search engine, the second most popular search platform only second to Google. Unlike Google which is most suitable for B2C customers, Microsoft Advertising works best with B2B business. The target group is commendable, with low competition and PPC prices.

Tech Vannah Bing Ads agency is a professional paid ad company who help businesses profit from the Bing network .With 1000+ success stories with Bing Ads, our ad managers efforts are worth your time.

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What is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising or Bing Ads is a digital advertising platform by Microsoft. A pay-per-click system that allows business owners or advertisers to place ads on the Bing search engine. Beyond that, it also places ads on Microsoft-owned properties like the Microsoft Audience Network, MSN, and  Advertise on Bing with our Bing Ads Management Services. We are a Bing Ads agency with 7+ years of experience. Over the years, we have helped small to large businesses increase sales on Bing. Most of our clients have seen a 100% increase in sales from our Microsoft Advertising Services. 

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Advertise on Bing to Increase Your Business Sales 

In popularity, Bing ranks second among the top search engines. Compared to Google, the numbers are less. However, time has proven that Bing Ads are as effective as before. They are incredibly best for B2B businesses on the international market. Also, Bing Ads Management Services includes less expensive bids, easy targeting, and 1000% ROI.  

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Tech Vannah Bing Advertising Approach

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Keyword Research and Competitor Bing Ads Analysis 

We’ll start by performing in-depth research on your particular niche. What are the popular keywords and search queries? We use insightful and data-based tools for research. Microsoft Advertising allows you to use the right keywords to reach people with a high purchasing power.  

Competitor Bing Ad analysis means understanding what your competitors are doing. What are they ranking for? Are the keywords worth it? We usually use the data to understand your niche better and exploit the available opportunitie

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Bing Campaign & Ad Format Management 

Our Bing Ad management services involve setting up an effective Bing campaign. Our Bing Ads experts study and understand your goals and needs for Microsoft Advertising. Based on your goals, we will set up an effective Bing campaign. 

Microsoft allows different ad formats. From Bing Search Ads to Bing Shopping ads, our Bing Ad Agency helps you craft the proper ad format.  

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Targeting Analysis 

Bing Ads can be targeted based on different criteria. Microsoft ads can target locations, device types, time, demographics, and more. Depending on your needs, we offer customized Bing Ads management services. Every decision is set to help you reach your intended target audience.

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Ad Creation 

After deciding everything else, our Bing Ads experts are ready to craft the winning ad copies. The messages are crafted to communicate to prospects until they become actual customers. Beyond texts, we include the right images and assets.  

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Conversion Tracking & Bing Ads Optimization 

The last step involves conversion tracking and ad optimization. How much is your business profiting from Microsoft Advertising? How can we ensure better results with Bing Ads? Our Bing Ad Management Services includes a dedicated Bing Ad Manager. The in-house expert tracks every keyword, cost, and return on Investment. 

Our Bing Ad Agency provides a detailed monthly report of your ad performance. We also perform continuous Bing Ads Optimization to improve their performances.  

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Why Tech Vannah Bing Ad Management Services? 

Microsoft Advertising Market share accounts for 7.52% of the online search market. The numbers are less compared to platforms like Google. But, with the right Bing Ad Management services, brands have seen an increase in traffic and sales on their sites.  

So far, we have worked with 100+ clients on Microsoft Advertising. Our Bing Ads Agency has showcased a deep knowledge of Bing Advertising. Here are why our partners trust us with Bing Ads: 

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