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Website Maintenance Services 

Website management services include updating, building, and securing the website. It is a process that ensures your website is at its best regardless of its type or niche specialization. By that, it means page speed optimization, content updates, image optimization, link building, and website build-up to match the latest developments.  

Tech Vannah IT Solutions offers website maintenance service packages to keep every website user-friendly and properly drive sales. We stay on top of everything involving your site management. You can learn more about our website management services and what to expect. 

Website maintenance services

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Website Maintenance Company  in Kenya

Small, medium, and big businesses are gradually adopting the idea of online business. It means that most businesses out here have a website or want one, with stats showing that 28% of business activities are now happening online. If you are on the latter, check out our website design services. 

Despite increasing website development among companies, some companies have yet to penetrate the Internet world. Tech Vannah IT Solutions offers website maintenance services that keep your site well-optimized for SEO. Also, we keep your site free of any technical and content issues

Types of Website Maintenance Services 

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WordPress Site Maintenance Services 

With website management services, you never have to worry about the online visibility of your website and conversions. All WordPress site owners need to invest in WordPress-specialized website maintenance services. It will keep the site up-to-date, secure, and optimized for peak performance.  

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Domain Renewal 

Keeping up with domain renewals is hard, and sometimes it leads to unnecessary disruptions. Website maintenance services help you effortlessly keep your online identity secure with domain renewal services.  

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Security and Maintenance 

Safeguard your business against cyber threats with our security measures. Tech Vannah IT Solutions web maintenance services conduct regular audits and maintenance tasks to keep your website secure. It helps with building trust with visitors and increasing conversions.  

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Content Updates 

Everything is fresh, relevant, and engaging with our content updates. The process involves adding new information, updating images, and refreshing the layout for SEO. 

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Hosting Plan Renewal 

We keep up with your hosting plan renewal dates. Everything is simplified as we keep your website online and accessible at all times. 

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Website Full Backups & Restorations 

Systematic storage of every website’s complete data set and guaranteeing a quick recovery in the event of data loss or unforeseen issues. 

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Features of a Good Website

An effective website design is the key to online success for any business. Here are the features of a well-designed website:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Loading Time

  • Browser Compatibility

  • Clear Call to Action – CTA
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO Friendly

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