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We are a Facebook Ads agency in Kenya that has helped businesses scale with Facebook paid ads. On average, we have helped 10-20 businesses reach and engage with their customers on Facebook. From these experiences, our Facebook ad campaigns maintain a 100% ROI for all businesses regardless of the niche.

To join other businesses winning with Facebook ads, partner with our Facebook Ad Agency. You can expect data-driven strategies that will help you increase your sales. Talk to our Facebook ads specialists today for a quote.

Facebook Ads

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What are Facebook Paid Ads? 

Facebook ads or Facebook paid ads include paid advertisements that businesses or individuals place on Facebook to promote their products, services, or causes. Marketers pay the platform based on the clicks and impressions from the Facebook ads. In that case, it is crucial to make every $ spent count. You will need a Facebook ads Agency like Tech Vannah Facebook Advertising company to do that. After all, you are dealing with billions of monthly active users. So, targeting your target audience can be a hassle. From our years of experience running successful Facebook ad campaigns, we can help your business craft the best strategy for you. Regardless of the niche, we have experienced it all. So, we will help you craft a winning Facebook paid ads campaign.

Tech Vannah Facebook Adverting Process

1. Set the Facebook Ad Objectives

After you come to us, our team will first understand your business. We define what you do, including the services or products you offer. After you have all the products, we will help you categorize them to suit your online marketing strategy.

Finally, we collaborate with you to set up the Facebook ad objectives. These can span a broad spectrum, from building awareness, driving traffic, fostering engagement, generating leads, promoting apps, to boosting sales.

2. Settle on the Facebook Ad Features

With deep insights into your business, we can start with the Facebook advertising process. Depending on your goal, we structure the right ad types to use. It may be image ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, instant experience ads, or stories ads.

After choosing the ad type, we start setting up the Facebook ad using Facebook’s best advertising practices.

The Call to Action to use depends on the kind of action you want your customers to make. Lastly, the conversion setting defines where the leads will take action. We often use websites, messengers, instant forms, Instagram, and calls. Other set up includes creating instant form details, audience set-up, etc.

3. Create Ad Copies & Images

For the ad copies, we pay attention to the image details, primary text, headlines, and links. In this stage, our Facebook ads experts deal with the look of the campaigns, especially crafting the right message that reaches the right people.

4. Budget & Biddings

A deep analysis of competitors in your area gives us an idea of what budget to set for the day. Of course, later, we use the available data to make adjustments on the bidding type and budget for better results. The budget may go high or low over time depending on the available data.

5. Remarketing & Optimization

With the Facebook ad campaign up and running, our team is left to collect data based on pre-selected metrics and KPIs. From this data, our ads managers re-optimize the ads every month to better results. Also, we have a standard remarketing system allowing our customers to maximize Facebook advertising benefits.

Who Needs Facebook Ads Services?

Several types of businesses and individuals can benefit from Facebook Ads services, including:

  • Businesses
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Event Organizers
  • Content Creators (e.g., bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters)
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Real Estate Agents
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Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook is a platform that allows you to create a community you can engage with on different topics. It goes beyond demography, religion, and other factors. Here is why running Facebook Ads specifically with the help of our Facebook Ads Agency is essential:

Tailor Your Target Audience

With Facebook paid ads, you can tailor the people you wish the platform to show your ads to. Facebook allows advertisers to target specific demographics and audiences based on the information available on the social platform.

Facebook has 3+ Billion Monthly Active Users 

Facebook Ads gives you access to an audience of over 3 billion people. It is a chance to get your target audience in one place, sell your idea, and get them to buy from you. But of course, you need a Facebook ads agency to help you tailor the right paid ad to attract qualified prospects.  

You Pay Based on Clicks and Impressions

Facebook paid ads to charge advertisers based on the reactions and engagements they get from their promoted posts and videos. Depending on your niche and competition, there are different charges. But, Facebook paid ads are less costly than LinkedIn ads. In that case, getting a Facebook Ads Agency to run paid ads for you to maximize your ROI would be helpful.

Individuals and B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook

LinkedIn advertising mainly focuses on B2B marketing, while TikTok advertising focuses on B2C marketing. With Facebook Ads, expect to profit from Facebook advertising regardless of your marketing technique. In that case, a Facebook Ads Agency will guarantee access to experienced Facebook Ad Specialists who make every campaign count.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your online presence and boost your sales.

Unlock the power of Facebook Ads and scale your business with our proven expertise. As a leading Facebook Ads agency, we’ve helped countless businesses expand their reach and engage with a broader audience on Facebook. With an impressive track record, our Facebook ad campaigns consistently deliver a 100% ROI for businesses across various niches.

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Why our Facebook Advertising Agency? 


A Facebook ads agency gives you access to the best social media marketing specialists to guide every Facebook ad campaign. Tech Vannah offers Facebook ads services to help your business grow and increase sales. On average, we successfully run Facebook paid ads for 10-20 clients every month.

Here are why clients choose our Facebook Ads Agency:

turn your prospects into buyers

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