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Google Ads Management for Businesses in Kenya

Google Ads continues to help businesses in Kenya double their revenue by 100% in months using paid ads campaigns. It allows small to large businesses to reach well-targeted customers actively looking for their products and services. Whether via Google display ads, search ads, shopping ads, or sponsored ads, it boosts conversions by 1000%.

Tech Vannah Google Ads agency in Kenya is helping 500+ businesses with Google advertising. Our Google Ads Specialists ensure 100% Return on money spent on ads for all Kenyan businesses. Contact us to help you connect with the right customers on Google!

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What are Google Ads? 

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click platform, where you pay to be found on Google by keyword-specific targeted searches. You bid for specific keywords and run a chance to appear at the top of Google with sponsored ads. For the best results, it is recommended to have a Google Ads agency. Tech Vannah Google Advertising agency is the home to skilled Google Ads specialists to assist your business. 

We are a certified Google Ads Agency specializing in Google Shopping ads, Google Display ads, Google Search ads, Google Video ads, and more. To partner with us, reach out for a free consultation 

Tech Vannah Google Advertising Approach

Google Ads in Kenya helps businesses attract prospects with high purchasing intent. Tech Vannah offers data-driven Google Ads management services tailored to attract more customers. Here is our approach to running successful Google Advertising campaigns:

seo keyword research

Keywords Research & Selection 

Running Google ads successfully requires attracting the right people to your business. To do that, you need to have the right keywords. For our Google Ads management services, we kick off with keyword research. We’ll research the popular queries and define what your competitors are targeting.

Competitor Ads Analysis 

We will research and understand what your competitors are currently targeting. Is it working? What keywords are they using? After answering these queries, we know what to keep or avoid for a successful Google Ads campaign. 

Landing Page Optimization 

Landing pages serve as the first touchpoint between prospects and your business. So, we invest in ensuring that you have a landing page with 100% power to convert prospects. The copywriting is SEO-optimized with the customers in mind. 

Campaign Creation & Ad Groups 

Different campaigns have different goals. Our Google ads specialists are experts in understanding what you want to achieve. Tech Vannah, Google Ads Management services, ensures that you have effective campaigns and ad groups.  

Ad Copy Creation 

We’ll create multiple ad variations with well-targeted keywords. Our Google Ads agency features several effective formulas for ad copywriting. We ensure that every keyword is well-targeted and responds to the right search intent.  

Google Advertising Services

Ads Optimization, Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis 

After running the ads, we offer you a dedicated Google Ads Manager. This specialist keeps track of your campaign. They offer customized Google Ads Management services that reflect the real situation of your Google Ads campaign. Our Google Ads Agency also includes detailed reports on the money spent on Google, conversions, ROI, and other SEM Milestones.

Contact us today for Google Advertising Services that account for every $ spent.

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What We Offer? 

Tech Vannah Google Ads Agency is a Kenyan Google Ads Certified company with specialists in the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Video Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

We guarantee 100% return on every $ spent on Google Ads. So, get Google Ads Management Services tailored just for you.  

Google Ads

Why Tech Vannah Google Ads Agency? 

500+ clients rely on our Google Ads Management services to run successful Google Ads campaigns. We help businesses triple their monthly sales with well-targeted paid ads on Google. On average, every business shows at least a 100% ROI on our Google Advertising services. 

Here are a few reasons why our partners trust us with running their Google Ads: 

turn your prospects into buyers

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