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Tech Vannah Limited is a LinkedIn Ads Agency in Kenya to help you craft paid ads that generate more revenue with less $ spent on ads. Our LinkedIn Ads Managers combine deep expertise, LinkedIn algorithm strategies, and unique targeting tactics. Hence, we guarantee the results regardless of the business you run or the services you offer.

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What We Offer? 

LinkedIn ads are a form of paid advertising on the LinkedIn social platform. The professional networking site focuses on business and employment, and you can include LinkedIn paid ads to bring more people into your business. LinkedIn ads are available in different formats, allowing businesses to target the right people efficiently. Also, with the help of a LinkedIn ads agency, it is easy to tailor the right audiences depending on the job title, company size, industry, and other vital metrics. 

Types of LinkedIn Ads

  • Sponsored Content Ads: Native ads on the LinkedIn feed.
  • Sponsored InMail: Personalized adverts that appear in your target audience’s inboxes
  • Display ads: Banner ads on the LinkedIn desktop interface
  • Dynamic Ads: Follower ads to help you get more followers and spotlight ads to showcase specific services/ products on the LinkedIn platform.
  • LinkedIn Video Ads: Use video content as an advertisement to engage with your target audience
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Well-targeted LinkedIn paid ads to collect potential leads from the platform.

Why Run LinkedIn Paid Ads?

LinkedIn Audiences come with 2x the buying intent and are 100% more likely to convert than other social media platforms. This statement is something LinkedIn ads managers have confirmed over the years of dealing with paid media services. With the suitable approaches with LinkedIn, you can get 6x conversions compared to other social media marketing.

In that case, running LinkedIn Ad Campaigns is a necessary choice. Here are a few other reasons why you should choose LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Marketing

Access to Potential Customers with High Buying Power 

People often visit Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter for entertainment and the latest trends. The social platforms are informal channels that bring people together. They have high numbers but are mainly meant for people to enjoy themselves. But, with LinkedIn, you get access to professional people looking for employment or business services.  

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LinkedIn Features Hundreds of Millions of Active Users 

Social media marketing services are crucial for any business looking to succeed online. After all, social platforms feature a considerable audience, and with the right approach, it is easy to convert them into actual customers. As a LinkedIn Ads agency that has managed many LinkedIn Ad campaigns, our experts have seen firsthand how powerful LinkedIn ads can be. Our LinkedIn Ads Managers confirm that LinkedIn has a unique audience and there are many targeting capabilities.  

LinkedIn has Professional Connections and B2B Relationships

LinkedIn focuses more on professional connections and business-to-business relationships than other social networks. It makes it easy for a LinkedIn Ads agency to reach the exact audience they want. Our LinkedIn ads managers base audience targeting on demographics, industries, positions, and other features.  

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LinkedIn in-depth user data allows Precision-target Ads

Internet marketing has so many possibilities, especially when using paid media services. It is a channel where you have access to many individuals and communities. Unfortunately, from our years of experience, we understand that not everyone will be suitable for your LinkedIn ads campaign. Different businesses target different people, so audience targeting defines the success of your LinkedIn ads. Fortunately, LinkedIn has deep user data to assist you with precision targeting. You can leverage information such as job titles, skills, company sizes, and recent behaviors.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your online presence and boost your sales.

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn Ads and elevate your business with our demonstrated expertise. As a premier LinkedIn Ads agency, we’ve assisted numerous businesses in extending their reach and connecting with a wider audience on LinkedIn. With a strong history of success, our LinkedIn ad campaigns consistently yield a 100% ROI for businesses in diverse industries.

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Why our LinkedIn Ads Agency?

Our LinkedIn Ads agency features an experienced team to manage your B2B LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. Over the last 6 years, we have executed 500+ projects focused on LinkedIn ads services. Our LinkedIn campaigns have adopted creative and data-driven strategies to drive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for your business.

On average, we have 10-30 clients every month. Here is why they trust us with their LinkedIn paid ads:

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