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Tech Vannah YouTube Ads Agency in Kenya specializing in crafting an effective YouTube Ad Campaign for every business. Our paid media services are based on real results for our clients especially when dealing with YouTube paid promotions.

Over the years of experience with YouTube Ads, our YouTube Ads managers have seen the power of the platform. We have realized several methods advertisers can harness the platform using video ads to reach their targeted audiences. So far, we have run successful YouTube ad campaigns for small and large businesses across many industries.

Need help with YouTube Ads? Regardless of your business niche and goals, our YouTube Ads Agency is ready to help. Talk to our experts!

YouTube Ads

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What are YouTube Ads?

YouTube ads are sponsored advertisements that appear on the YouTube platform. The paid promotions offer businesses and individuals a platform and chance to promote their products and services. How? By bringing your products and services in front of your customers. It includes many ad formats marketers can adopt depending on the YouTube ads services and the budget. Our YouTube Ads Agency is a great hub for businesses looking to promote themselves using YouTube Ads.

YouTube Ads

Tech Vannah YouTube Google Ads Formats: A Guide to the Types of YouTube Ads We Offer

Instream YouTube Ads

Trueview Ads (In-stream Ads)

YouTube video ads playing before, during, or after another video. Viewers can choose to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

Discovery YouTube Ads

Trueview Ads (Discovery Ads)

They are display ads on the YouTube home page or appear on viewers’ search results. 

Non-skippable In-stream Ads

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

Short YouTube video ads that viewers cannot skip. The YouTube ads costs for these ads are based on impressions.

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads

6-second non-skippable video ads that show up before the main video content.

Overlay Ads

Overlay Ads

Text-based adverts and images appear in the video’s lower portion. They are clickable and direct you towards the advertisers’ set landing page.

Masthead YouTube Ads

Masthead Ads

High-visibility ads that appear for 24 hours on YouTube’s home page. They are set for huge advertising campaigns.

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Why Work with Tech Vannah YouTube Ads Agency?

Tech Vannah is a top YouTube Ads agency in Kenya that advertisers seek for social media marketing services. On average, we run YouTube ads for 10-30 clients every month. From our years of experience, we are certain to offer YouTube Ads services to help you build brand awareness and increase sales.

Here are some reasons why our clients choose us as their YouTube Ads Agency:

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