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Local SEO Services for your business offers 24/7 convenience to customers near you with high purchasing intent. Local SEO attracts, showcases, and converts prospects to leads. It involves auditing your business across the internet, Google My Business, Yahoo & Bing citation, creating business citations and adding businesses to local directories.

Over 80% of customers search for products or services online before purchasing. More than 50% of these customers are likely to visit your local shop or make a call within the next 24 hours. The numbers show the importance of local SEO. It defines why Tech Vannah’s local SEO Packages are suitable for you.

We have experienced local SEO Experts ready to drive a data-driven local SEO strategy for you. Partner with us and achieve top ranks on local search queries to increase sales

Local SEO

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What We Offer? 

Local SEO is a strategy that helps businesses become more visible in the local results on Google. For instance, when you search for the best bakery, the results feature the top bakeries near you. It offers more visibility and brand awareness to well-targeted customers in your area. Local SEO services put you ahead of everyone on the search. They facilitate businesses, especially small businesses, to reach out to valuable leads and sales near them.

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A Local SEO Agency in Kenya That Drives Sales to Your Business

You need the right local SEO strategy to rank high on local searches. It will help you leverage all the effective local SEO strategies to help your business rank high on Google. Here is how we do local SEO for small businesses:

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Local Business SEO Keywords Targeting

Local SEO is about bringing potential customers what they want. To do that, you need to understand the common terms or phrases the locals use to search. Our Local SEO Services involve deep research on the local keywords. What terms do your potential customers use?

From them, our SEO writers target these keywords naturally and effectively for the people and the search engine.

google my business

Google My Business Listing and Optimization

To appear for local searches, you need to list your business on Google My Business. It involves listing the name, services, address, location, hours, and phone number. Our local SEO experts take charge of the listing. They ensure that your Google My Business reflects the services and products you wish to sell. Also, the keywords are well-targeted to place you on top of Google.

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Directory Listings for SEO

Our local SEO services focus on building your authority in your area. We help you dominate a particular niche where Google recommends you to the locals. Local search citations help you build your authority.

Our local SEO experts ensure consistency with the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) on the directories. Of course, we ensure your business is listed in the most effective local business citations

google maps

Google Maps SEO 

To make your business more visible online, we offer Google Maps SEO. Our local SEO experts take part in optimizing your online presence on Google Maps.  

on page seo

On-Page SEO

Local SEO is highly dependent on general SEO services. That is why our SEO experts ensure we perform on-page SEO on your website. It makes it convenient for customers to explore your products and services further. With that, prospects have a high chance of becoming customers.

landing page seo

Landing Pages for Local SEO

To double your prospect’s conversion power, our local SEO services feature landing page optimization. It involves optimizing the first touching point of a customer to your business. We include well-optimized landing pages that attract prospects and convert them to loyal customers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your online presence and boost your sales.

Maximize your local visibility and drive more customers to your doorstep with our proven expertise in Local SEO. As a trusted local SEO agency, we’ve helped countless businesses enhance their online presence and attract more foot traffic to their physical locations.

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Why Choose Tech Vannah Local SEO Agency?

It would be best to have a customized local SEO strategy to compete with all the other businesses around you. At Tech Vannah, a local SEO Company, our services are data-driven. Every step is optimized to bring you customers with a high buying potential. Here are the benefits of using our Local SEO services for small businesses.

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