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E-commerce SEO for Online Shops in Kenya

In 2024, E-commerce accounts for over 20% of the retail market. Everyone is going online to buy and the numbers are set to rise rapidly in the coming year. However, studies show that 100% of the customers make their purchase using the websites on the first page of Google. This is why every online shop needs E-commerce SEO.

E-commerce SEO Services include strategized processes to improve website rankings of online stores. It includes optimizing the site for keywords relevant to your products. Today, Tech Vannah, an E-commerce SEO company, is at the center of helping businesses make more sales using  SEO services. We drive relevant traffic, make them loyal customers, and increase sales. You are one step away from making sales online. Start with a free consultation from one of our E-commerce SEO Experts. 

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What is E-commerce SEO, and How Does it Help Increase   Sales?

E-commerce SEO is the process of helping online stores be found more easily on Google. It involves optimizing the website for relevant key phrases to the products available in the store. Hence, when customers look for your products online, the search engines direct them to find you.  How do E-commerce SEO Services help businesses increase sales? With good SEO services, you naturally rank high on search engines such as Google. It means people actively looking for your products find you (More traffic in your E-commerce website). More traffic leads to a higher purchase probability, leading to increased sales.  

Tech Vannah E-commerce SEO Approach

Our SEO Experts develop a customized strategy to suit your online store’s needs. Here is an overview of what our E-commerce SEO services mainly involve: 

Top E-commerce Platforms

Tech Vannah, an E-commerce SEO Company in Kenya, is an experienced agency offering SEO Services. We have worked with popular online store platforms such as: 

  • Shopify 
  • Bigcommerce 
  • Magento 
  • WooCommerce 
  • NopCommerce 

Need an expert on your online store? Reach out to us for SEO for your e-commerce website.  

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E-commerce SEO

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Why Choose Tech Vannah E-commerce SEO Agency 

Partner with us as we offer 24/7 convenient purchasing on your online store. We bring the right people, convince them to buy, and help you grow your business. Start selling now with our E-commerce SEO services. Here are a few reasons why online store owners choose us: 

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