Google Ads for Realtors in Kenya 

Every real estate business wants to popularize reaching customers online and making sales. Google advertising is the answer to realtor businesses looking for well-targeted customers. It puts your lands, apartments, and house listings in front of the right customer at the right time. With that, you get qualified leads that are likely to convert.

What are Google Ads for Real Estate? 

Google ads for real estate connect realtors with the increasing number of home buyers and sellers, land sellers and buyers, and apartment renters. Google’s national reach in Kenya is over 10 million people. Hence, real estate professionals can connect their properties with the right people.  
Tech Vannah Google Ads Agency plays a pivotal role in showcasing your properties to the online community. We are committed to empowering realtors by expanding their reach and boosting sales. To date, we have supported over 100 real estate agents in Kenya, helping them attract more customers and increase sales in under 6 months. 

Google ads for real estate

How Does Google Real Estate Advertising Work? 

Google advertising leverages popular search terms on Google to position your business as a provider of specific properties on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It operates on a pay-per-click model, where you bid for relevant keywords.

When a customer searches for real estate-related keywords, Google chooses the best realtor from all advertisers. The latter is based on ad quality and your bid. These advertisers are shown before the organic search on Google.

To outrank your competitors, you consider factors such as:

  • Keywords quality
  • Keywords relevance
  • Ad campaigns
  • Bidding strategy

For successful Google campaigns, you need to rely on Google ads for real estate from an ads agency. Tech Vannah, a Google Ads agency, has worked with many realtors and has the experience to assist you.

Why Invest in Google Ads for Real Estate in Kenya? 

Google ads for real estate agents and companies continue to gain popularity in Kenya. Here are reasons why real estate businesses in Kenya use Google ads:  

1. Targeted Customers Reach

With Google, you bid for search terms relevant to what most of your customers are searching online. In simple words, you target people who are looking for specific properties. A Google advertising agency helps you set specific considerations to get your customers online. From the demographics to interests, everything is accounted for in advertising. With that, realtors reach people with a high chance of conversion. 

Google leads for real estate

2. More Leads and Customers

Putting you where your customers are hanging out translates to business. A good Google ads campaign for real estate guarantees results. It lists all your properties to your customers at the right time, increasing the likelihood of making a conversion. 

3. Measurable Results

Unlike traditional advertising methods, online marketing helps you quantify your efforts. Your firm can tell where it spent its marketing budget and the results. From this data, your ad manager will offer more customer insights.  

4. Immediate Online Visibility 

What makes search engine marketing more special than other online marketing is its ability to deliver results. It immediately places you in the right place to search for your customers to see. As long as your Google Ads manager has SEM know-how, you will have an increase in leads and conversions. So, ensure you settle for an agency that delivers. 

Google ads for real estate agents

4. Cost-effective Marketing

Marketing is a vital part of every business. It is what sets a business for success or failure. Google ads for real estate are a practical option for small to large companies. Businesses only pay based on the set conversion. Also, the budget is set daily, allowing realtors to plan their marketing budget.

A good Google advertising agency will ensure that you maximize every cent spent on Google marketing.

What Ad Types Should You Use in Google Ads for Real Estate? 

Google offers different types of ads to use for advertising. In real estate, there are a variety of options. They all seek to help realtors reach customers looking to purchase or rent their properties, lands, houses, and apartments. Hence, Google is an excellent choice for real estate agents.

In Techvannah Google advertising agency, we recommend the following types of ads:

  • Search Ads
  • Local Service Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Performance Max Ads
  • Smart Ads

You can contact us today to help you set up the ads for your real estate agency via this number+254 794 837 374.

Get a Professional Google Ads Agency for Real Estate 

Google advertising is a cost-effective marketing plan for real estate agents. However, it is pretty complex for non-professionals. In most cases, the latter set up non-performing campaigns. Google advertising agencies like TechVannah in Kenya have experience navigating the real estate Google marketing area. So far, we have helped hundreds of businesses in the last 6 years. Whether you sell land, list properties, rentals, or sell homes, we’ve got you covered. Ensure you contact us today at +254 794 837 374 for assistance.