Gadgetmend is a global-based company in Kenya, the U.S.A., and the UK specializing in Security, ICT, and Power Backup Systems. They are the beacon of hope to businesses by providing the latest end-to-end technological solutions.

As Gadgetmend commenced on a journey to provide consultancy and the latest end-to-end solutions to more businesses, Techvannah solutions put on center stage. Our pursuit was to help Gadgetmend take its business to new heights by tapping into the online market.

From an exceptional website design and Socials to SEM and SEO, our partnership was up to help the business grow.

Gadgetment website design



Services Offered

Website Design, Web Hosting, SEO & Content Writing

Gadgetmend Project Case Study


Tapping into the digital market was an issue for Gadgetmend. They needed a responsive website that is friendly to all users regardless of the device. Also, the project manager wanted an easy-to-use site with engaging content that the search engine and customers could trust.

Of course, the fierce competition in the digital world made it hard for the business to reach more target audiences.

Services Offered

Our Experts at Techvannah, from the website designers to the SEO Experts, understood the assignment. Techvannah embarked on a journey to bring Gadgetmend services to the world through our partnership – sparking interest, building trust, and surpassing competitors.

results produced

After months of dedication and task-oriented communication, our website design and SEO efforts delivered exceptional results. We had a fully responsive website operating from any device, and the website was live on Google. The speed and user experience exceeded the client’s expectations, and the brand ranking was number 1 on Google. Generally, we have seen a substantial increase in organic keywords and traffic over time, attracting potential leads.









What Gadgetmend Say About Us

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Our Collaboration with Techvannah has been excellent. They promise, work fast, and deliver actual results. Their SEO Experts invest in understanding your services and tailoring the best plan for you. The best part of the experience is that you get to be part of this huge business move as you watch things unfold.


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