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Trees for Peace is an initiative that our client started to create a physical presence of a peace movement. They wanted to create a long-lasting, sustainable, tangible movement impacting every Kenyan family. The initiative goes beyond cultural, ethnic, and political divides.

In a journey to casting a comforting shade over those who gather under it in the shared quest of conflict resolution, Tress for Peace partnered with Techvannah Solutions. There was a need to create a stable digital channel that preached out the greater goodness for all. With our experienced web designers and SEO experts, we took center stage.


Trees for Peace

Services Offered

Website design and SEO services

Trees for Peace Case Study


Trees for Peace is a leading initiative that dreams of creating a better Kenya. It seeks the ideology of the greater goodness for all, regardless of cultural, political, and ethnic differences. To do that, the initiative needed to be popular among all Kenyans.

The biggest challenge our team was tasked with was developing a good website. We needed to design and develop a visually appealing website that sent a message. Since the organization didn’t have an existing channel, our experienced web designers needed to start from scratch. After developing the website, we needed to lay a stable foundation to assist the initiative to venture into the digital world.

Approaches/ Services Offered

We needed a comprehensive website with a visually appealing design to address the Trees for Peace initiative challenges. The website needed to look good and easily communicate all the essential details.

results produced

Trees for Peace has a functional website well categorized with all the essential things. The initiative has achieved a stable foundation online with a top brand ranking. Many Kenyans continue to learn more about it and create awareness of peace for all.









What Trees for Peace Say About Us

Trees for Peace

Techvannah Solutions is the go-to partner when looking for the best website. They design, include the right content, and launch it online. After a few months, our organization could see an incredible rise in awareness of our values and goals.

CEO, Trees for Peace

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