Proven Tips for Digital Marketing in Kenyan Businesses 

The internet has endless growth possibilities. It means that anyone can go viral at any time. However, starting can be challenging. So, the tips are for you, whether you are launching a business website, opening a social media account, starting a market campaign, or opening a YouTube channel. As long as you don’t have an existing audience who knows your brand, you are set to start from zero. 

Building up is hard for any company, especially startups with limited resources. With these facts in mind, Tech Vannah digital marketers have researched and assembled the top recommendations for any digital marketing campaign.  

Google Advertising

Niche Specialization

All digital channels work with the same algorithm. They use things like keywords and search terms to define which industry to place you in and when to return you to searchers. Also, interests guide the type of content a user can see on their recommendations. 

One effective digital marketing strategy to establish authority in your industry is through niche specialization. The narrower your focus, the easier it becomes to outshine your competitors. This approach allows you to position yourself strategically and stand out digitally.  

Be Easily Found on the Internet via Many Channels

The internet is a broad field with so many channels you can use to market your business. There are so many platforms to market your products and services. However, for a successful digital campaign, make it easy for people to find you.  

Have a website where Google searchers can find you, an active FB account, a YouTube channel, etc., and share content across them.  

Persistence & Consistency

You can dominate the internet at any time and use any channel. So, persistence and consistency are secret tips for digital marketing. Keep doing what is required of you, using the best practices, and stick to them. It may take a while, but when you stick to your digital marketing strategy and make the necessary changes, you are set for success.

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Measure & Manage Your Digital Marketing Efforts 

“What is Measured is Managed,” Allan Dib with One-Page Marketing. Whether digital or traditional marketing, you need to measure your marketing efforts using results-oriented KPIs. With that, you can tell how your marketing is going and what changes must be made for better results. 

Get a Digital Marketer

Lastly, getting an expert is the most effective way to guarantee digital marketing success. A digital marketing agency like Tech Vannah saves you time and guarantees results. Why? Because experts know the facts and spend most of their time online discovering useful trends to sell your brands. 

Also, you don’t have to take forever before getting an effective digital marketing plan. Try a digital marketing agency for assistance on SEM, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.  


Digital marketing is the future of every business. You can get clients, connect with them, work for them, and receive payment virtually. This working culture is growing at an unstoppable rate. Hence, every business needs to penetrate the digital world. The recommendations above are proven tips for digital marketing.