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Tips for Google Advertising for Kenyan Businesses

With proven recommendations for Google advertising for Kenyan businesses, you can get the most out of your budget and ad features. Our Google ad managers have gone through the process of setting up ads for many campaigns. From these years of experience, here are proven recommendations for fruitful Google ad results: 

1. Negate Keywords 

Initially, when you set up a Google ad campaign, you are betting on the search keywords you have researched. However, the keywords often work differently than expected. In that case, the best way to optimize your Google ads would be to eliminate unnecessary keywords. 

You can reduce the money wasted on unnecessary keywords by negating these keywords. 

Proven Recommendations for Google Advertising for Kenyan Businesses

2. Maintain Your Google Account Hygiene

It is best to keep your Google account at its most optimal hygiene. You do that in two main ways: 

  • Removing blocking keywords that make it impossible for other crucial keywords to run 
  • Remove non-serving keywords on your account but have no data despite running for years. 

3. Reassess All Google Recommendations

Google gives good recommendations. However, it is crucial to assess every idea they offer you to prevent cases of your marketing budget going to the wrong places without maximum return. 

In that case, it is crucial to read through all the recommendations and try to evaluate whether it is something your business can profit from or not. It is why digital marketing campaigns are best run by Google ads specialists with the skills and experience to handle everything. 

4. Include Ad Extensions to Richen Your Google Ads

Extensions are ad features that Google offers to help advertisers enrich their ad copies. Some include call extensions, site links, callouts, structured, price, etc. Depending on the type of Google ad you are running, you can make it visually appealing with the extensions to improve the CTR.  

In that case, one of the proven tips is to maximize the ad extensions. Ensure that you include all the extensions that would benefit your ad. 

Google Ads Management

5. Get a Google Ads Manager 

Google often offers recommendations on all the features it offers to advertisers. Often, most of these tips are helpful, and sometimes, these recommendations are unnecessary. So, how do you determine what is suitable for your Google marketing account? Getting a Google Ads Manager. Getting a Google ads agency like Tech Vannah Google Ads agency is highly recommended to assist you in running impactful campaigns. 

With experienced ad managers, you don’t have to worry about making the hard choices. They do it for it and take responsibility for your digital marketing campaign. From market research and execution to data collection and optimization, the team takes care of everything. 


Google advertising is among the most powerful digital marketing channels globally. Why? Because it is effective most of the time. For bigger and better results, Tech Vannah Google ads specialists prepare 5 proven tips that all Kenyan businesses can benefit from Google. Try the Recommendations for Google Advertising for Kenyan Businesses above today!