User-Generated Content in Digital Marketing  

User-generated content (UGC) is content from your brand users on different platforms. In simple terms, it is content from the users. It can be in the form of writing or videos.

You are scrolling through Instagram and see a comment or caption of a friend, a story on Quora, or a reel on Facebook or TikTok. These are just a few examples of UGC Content.

This article focuses on user-generated content (UGC) and why and how to use it in digital marketing.

What is User-Generated Content in Digital Marketing? 

UGC Content in digital marketing is free content consumers create related to a brand. It can be a review of a product, photos of shoes from your store, videos of their favorite drink from your café, and so on. These posts can be on their social media, your website, Quora, Reddit, and other user-generated content platforms. As digital marketers refer to it, it is authentic, original, genuine, and undisputable confirmation of your brand.  

In digital marketing, UGC aims to vouch for your brand. Depending on the type of user-generated content, it can be good or bad. Of course, as you would expect, it either encourages or discourages people from trying your products and services. 

user generated content ugc

Types of UGC Content 

As mentioned, UGC Content is content from users. You can find it in all shapes and on various platforms. Here are several forms of UGC Marketing. (Give real-life experience in each: it would be better to have supporting images in each case) 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Written reviews and testimonials often tell consumers how they feel about your product or services. It is the highest form of affirmation of whether something is worth it. The language is genuine and offers valuable insights other potential customers can relate to.  

Photo & Written Posts

Remember that recent X post you saw on the new PlayStation console or that Adidas shoe photo your favorite celebrity posted on Instagram?  

These cases show two different instances of User-generated content. The X post was written on the game console, while the other was a photo of an Adidas shoe.  

Posts are a form of UGC marketing content that allows users to make statements about different products. Other than products, posts can also be about services. As long as the posts are by customers, they become User-generated content. 


Reels, TikTok videos, and long YouTube videos are other types of UGC in digital marketing. You can use short or long videos to express your feelings about a product or service. It is a typical digital word of mouth.  

It is a popular and effective trend that many marketers currently use. Different TikTok influencers and internet celebrities give their views on a product/service via video. It brings products users can relate to close to them and have them vouched by their favorite stars.  


Sometimes, customers love reviewing products or services using a long, detailed message. They share their experiences in different sections, which we call blogs.  


The best place to find a variety of user-generated content is via comments. They are everywhere: in blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc. These comments give raw and detailed insights about your products and services. 

Marketers can collect details and facts from the comment section when developing digital marketing strategies. Also, business owners can use this data to improve their products and services. 

Case Study

When customers love or hate your products/services, they tend to go the extra mile. Some can write a long writeup of their experience working with you. It is usually a case study—a step-by-step guide to your product or services, including the challenges, wins, and losses. 

Survey Content

Sometimes, you must ask the right questions to understand your customers’ feelings. Surveys do a great job at it. They gather people’s opinions about your products and services by asking the right questions.  

UGC Content like surveys access people’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions for better marketing strategies.  

Hashtag Campaigns 

We have celebrities who use hashtags to bring reach and participation from their fans. They encourage fans to use hashtags such as recent albums or tours to increase social traffic.  

Other example hashtags include TikTok videos or Twitter posts to promote a specific narrative.

Why User-Generated Content in Digital Marketing? 

Nowadays, UGC content is everywhere. It is the trending form of content, including images, videos, audio files, text, etc.  

With brands using UGC marketing, we now have consumer-generated marketing.  

Here are the benefits of UGC marketing: 

Unique Content for Your Brand 

Authenticity is king. It tells your brand’s story and the unique selling points of different products and services. UGC Content ideally shares everything unique about your brand with your potential customers. Plus, people always share these types of content, bringing your brand closer to actual customers. 

Credibility and Authenticity 

Customers often check Amazon reviews before buying a product, watch a YouTube video on different cameras before purchasing, and review social media posts on services. These are some examples of how much they trust information from real users. After all, UGC Content is honest and reliable since it reflects a user’s experience with a product or service. 

Generate a Feedback Process 

The best digital marketing strategy is offering people what they want and need. User-generated content is the most effective way for brands to collect feedback. It is genuine and often translates important details one would use for their marketing plan. 

More Conversions and Increased Sales

Digital marketing has one main goal: get conversions and make sales. UGC marketing is proven socially proof to potential customers. So, as long as the content reaches the right people, you are set to get more conversions and increase sales.  

Increase Personalization of Products 

Customers use emotions to make purchases. As a result, marketers need to push the right buttons to get a sale. With UGC marketing, you understand your customers’ language and what they want to hear.  

Real Examples of UGC Content in Digital Marketing 

Spotify: #FindYourFeels Campaign 

The UGC content marketing by Spotify encouraged users to define their feelings after listening to music. It created an impactful content stream that every Spotify could relate to, encouraging people to feel their feelings with music. 

How It Works: Intensive Awareness, Engagement & Trustworthiness 

Safaricom: #Feel Good at Home 

Safaricom, a Kenyan telecommunication provider, launched the Feel Good at Home campaign. The UGC marketing seeks to grow home internet solutions to enhance every customer’s home experience. 

How it Works: Authenticity: Engagement & Building Community 

user generated content ugc

How To Do UGC Marketing? 

User-generated content marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves consumers creating content. Today, it is among the most popular digital marketing trends, delivering impactful results. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating UGC Content for digital marketing: 

Find your UGC Opportunities 

Every niche has a community. It is where people or customers related to a specific business hang out. Some areas rely heavily on podcasts, while others prefer short TikTok videos. So, the first step is to identify your customers’ ideal UGC platforms. 

The best way to identify the areas to start is by researching your competitors. Where are they marketing for good results? 

Of course, you can explore other UGC platforms in the future. 

Reach out to People or Market your Products on your UGC Channels 

After realizing where your customers hang out, you need to craft the right strategy to reach them using the right people.  

Things like budget, brand reputation, etc., matter. If you have the money, you can contact influencers for potential collaborations. However, some businesses without such budgets may need well-targeted paid or free online campaigns. 

Whatever your marketing strategy is, you need to develop engagement (User-generated content).  

Observe & Refine Your UGC Marketing 

Marketing mainly relies on experience. You go into the market and slowly refine your plans depending on what works. 

With UGC, you can A/B test on different UGC platforms and use all types of User-Generated content to optimize for better results. 

Build Your UGC Portfolio 

After finding out what types of content works for you, it is crucial to develop your portfolio. Build your brand’s trust through engagement and world-class products and services. 

Awareness+ Engagement + Building Community = Business Growth with UGC Marketing. 

user generated content ugc

How do I get User-Generated Content? 

Collecting user-generated content for marketing plays a vital role in successful digital marketing campaigns. After all, people will easily trust you after confirming authenticity with people they relate to (other customers).  

So, how do you get the UGC Content on different UGC platforms? 

  1. Ask for Customers’ Feedback & Testimonials 

Ask, and you shall receive. If you do an excellent job for a customer or sell a fantastic product, make it your business to ask for a review.  

You can have it on different UGC platforms, preferably the social platform you are trying to grow.  

2. Use Customer Trends 

Hashtags appear daily. Hence, your business must keep up with these customer trends to promote your services and products.  

The best way to adapt to the trends is by identifying what your customers resonate with and providing it.  

3. Eavesdrop on Social Conversations for Trending Hashtags 

Social media draws you closer to your customers. How? By providing data on what they need, their conversations, and how to sell what they need.  

Get social media analytics to track and evaluate the UGC content for better digital marketing strategies. 

4. Offer Customer Incentives 

Every customer seeks benefits, especially when trying out new products or services. Hence, your UGC content could maximize incentives. Slowly build relationships on UGC platforms. 

Note that you should always offer credit back when using customers’ content. 

5. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is the ideal social media marketing tactic. It involves having influencers who resonate with your customers review your products at a fee.  

The most significant advantage is that they already have an audience, and you can convert a few loyal customers with the right tactics.  

Final Verdict 

Change is hard, but you must run towards it to succeed in digital marketing. User-generated content in marketing is here to stay. It is the only language customers use, making it an impactful digital marketing strategy. You can consider it the digital word of mouth. Try it Today in your digital campaign for authentic and relatable content.